"Big Announcement"

From The Smith's


Thank you for following our family “Big” Announcement. My apologies if this seems silly or dramatic, not our speed at all! This announcement is big to our family and bringing glory to the Lord.

We intentionally “hyped” this story a bit to be very purposeful in our words. As we share this news, we hope it brings you courage, hope and a charge to pursue your goals and dreams in the upcoming year. Together, let’s theme it—“Chase your dream in ’16”!

A few years ago, we were hosting a Super Bowl party with our lifegroup from church. During a commercial break, this simple commercial appeared.

You can watch it by clicking below:

Official Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial "Farmer"

Continuing on...

Growing up on a working farm, this simple little commercial lit a fire and a charge for me to pursue a farm for our family. Farming has been in our family since my ancestors arrived from Bergen, Norway. This “charge” began with prayer, a whole lot of prayer. We eventually found our farm, but fell into disappointment with it being sold in our pursuit of buying it. The Lord intervened, and we were able to go forward and purchase the farm, with even more acreage than anticipated. We also grew to love the people who lived and worked the ground before us. Many folks discouraged the move and the transition to take on “the work”, “the debt” and “the worry”. We prayed on, knowing this was our passion and our dream.

Through the stress of finances, building a barn, digging for a well 1200 feet and then trying again, putting up fences and establishing a herd of livestock, developing a plan to promote and market, we have finally arrived to share our story. Our farm was named by our kids-ABC Smith Family Farm; ABC for our love of education. Our barn was developed by all of us with different ideas and thoughts brought together for family synergy. This process has not been easy, and it will never have an ending.

So, the big announcement-we have developed a web site, you can visit here: www.abcsmithfamilyfarm.com. Our story is depicted more in depth, with also our first attempts at marketing spring pig litters for competitive show. We ask for your prayer. Stress of finances, variables of farming and the work it takes are still there and will be ongoing. With the simple belief and desire to bring faith, family and farming to the top of our list, we dedicate these decisions totally to the Lord. We also ask for you, as friend, family and reader to use this next year and dedicate to your heart led passion by seeking the Lord and his will. Every kind of hurdle will present itself but keeping praying and press on. Yes you can! Make “Chase your dream in ‘16” a reality and, if you can, come out and buy a pig or take a simple peek around the farm this spring!

Happy New Year and may God Bless you!

Yours in faith, family and farming,

The Smith’s