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The Archives War

Archive Anarchy

Mexican Leaders decided to take action when the news about the Lamar administration spread. They issued raids upon Texas and showed no mercy. In the spring of 1842, General Rafael Vasquez led a Mexican force of a whopping 700 soldiers into Texas. The force attacked the towns of San Antonio, Goliad, and Victoria. Although, Vasquez returned to Mexico shortly after. Texans panicked when the idea of more Mexican troops were going to invade. They feared that an attack on Austin, so President Sam Houston took action and ordered that all government archives be extracted and relocated. Austin residents crumpled under paranoia, and they thought that if the archives were to be taken out of the capitol, then the whole capitol was to be moved back to Houston. A woman by the name of Angelina Elberly led the Austin residents and fired at the officials who were packing up the documents in wagons. Eventually, the documents ended up back in Austin. This rumble was known as the Archives War.