St. Basil's Cathedral

By: Amina Amarello

Details and Style

St. Basil’s Cathedral is considered a masterpiece in Red Square, Moscow. The specific monument was completed on July 12, 1561. The structure is made of jagged layered designs from the early 1500’s (1505-1508). St. Basil’s Cathedral has seen much improvement and mending over the centuries. For instance, the cathedral experienced significant repairing from Ivan Michurin after a fire in 1737. The cathedral’s structure is a combination of customary white stone footing and red brick walls that hold wooden framework. In the article on (, it states that, ”St. Basil’s Cathedral has many brightly colored onion shaped domes that have many traditional red, white, and gold colors as well as many other colors of the rainbow.”
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The Architect (s)

The architects of St. Basil’s Cathedral were Ivan Berma and Postnik Yakovlev. On the other hand, it is uncertain if the architect was a single individual working alone or if it was two separate working together. It states on ( that, “Legend holds that the architect(s) were blinded by Ivan the Terrible after they completed the cathedral so that they couldn’t replicate such a beautiful structure.” Additional to that, it states that, “Ivan the Terrible commissioned the building of the cathedral to commemorate the capture of the tartar stronghold of Kazan.”
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The Layout

However, when it was built, the cathedral’s outmost walls and domes weren’t as vivid and bright as they appear today. The color was actually added two hundred years after the making. The structure is shockingly nine separate chapels of different varieties and titles. In the article on ( it states that, “Some architectural specialists are unable to agree what the governing idea behind the structure was. Either the creators were paying homage to the churches of Jerusalem, or by building eight churches around a ninth, they were representing the medieval symbol of the eight-pointed star.”

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Interesting Facts

The cathedral goes by many names. One of the many titles of St. Basil’s Cathedral is “The Cathedral of the Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat”. In the 1970’s a wooden staircase was discovered in one of the nine chapel walls during the mending of the church. Also, in one of the chapels lies the tomb of St. Vasily (Basil) the Blessed, a “yurodivy” or fool in Christ.

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All in all, St. Basil’s Cathedral is a magnificent monument in Moscow, Russia. It was considered a masterpiece and is still said to be. It consists of many bright colored onion domes and nine separate chapels. The cathedral was completed on July 12, 1561. The details, architects, and the layout all make up what the cathedral is today.

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