Science Basketball

by Lorenzo Rush

Balance and Unbalance Force

Balance Force: equal and opposite resulting in no change in motion

Basketball: When I'm holding the ball there is two forces, my hands, so the ball stay where it is. Another example is when a player goes for a layup or a shot and another players comes in to try to block for the ball. There is two force, the two players and the ball stays right in the middle of them.

Unbalance Force: are forces that causes a change in the motion of an object

Basketball: When I'm running to the hoop to do a, a layup my arm is the force, to push the basketball towards the hoop.


Definition: the force of attraction between two objects

Basketball Example: When the ball goes through the hoop the gravity is pulling the ball down.

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Definition: force that works against motion. It occurs between 2 surfaces in contact

Example: When I slide for the basketball the floor is forcing me back when i was sliding for the ball.

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Newton Laws and Inertia

Newton's 1st Law: An object in motion or rest will stay in motion/ rest unless an unbalanced net force acts on it.

Inertia: tendency of an object to stay at rest or in motion

Example: When I run to get the to get the basketball before it goes outer bounds my body keeps going before hit the wall or the crowd.

Newton's 2nd Law: Net force = Mass times acceleration

Example The more the ball has air the higher the bounce and the less air the less mass, so the ball would bounce would be lower.

Newton's 3rd Law: For every action force that one object exerts on another, there is an equal and opposite reaction force from the second object back on to the first

Example: When I shoot the basketball the hand applied force on the ball and the ball applied force on the hand.