Strauss: Class News

September 25, 2015

This Week in Kindergarten

Thank you to everyone who attended a conference! It was such a joy to get to meet with each family and share your child's progress with you. I am very proud of all of the students and their accomplishments in Kindergarten.

This week in Kindergarten, students focused on making predictions in reading. A prediction is thinking about what might happen and using clues from the story to make a good guess about what will happen next. We read a few fall stories and practiced using our "schema" to help us make predictions. We will continue practicing this skill next week. In writing, we continue to focus on using sight words to write simple sentences. In math, students practiced identifying and writing teen numbers using counters and ten frames. Please practice counting objects to 20 and writing teen numbers at home.

Fun Run Update

Today your child participated in the PTA Fun Run! Your child is coming home with their total number of laps completed and now is the time to start collecting the money that was pledged. Your child can begin bringing in their collected money on Monday. Please put it in a sealed envelope with your child's name, teacher's name and FUN RUN clearly written on the envelope. Thank you to everyone who has participated in helping our PTA support MPES!

Next Week in Kindergarten

Next week I will be assessing your child's ability to predict events in stories and how well they can identify, read, and write teen numbers. Please practice these skills at home. It is important that students are writing the numbers using correct number formation. Parents can help with this skill at home by having students count real objects in arrangements of 20 and having them write the correct numeral.

We will begin our study of forces in motion. This unit is fun and the students will get to enjoy going outside to learn about push, pull, slide and fly! Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.

Counting Fun

Please begin working with your student on counting aloud to 100! Students must be able to count to 100 correctly by 1's and by 10's. There are several popular Jack Hartman songs on that helps to combine movement, music and counting! I will be assessing your child's counting skills in the upcoming weeks for their report card.

Mark Your Calendar

October 7- Little Caesars Spirit Night

October 8- End of Term

Field Day

Suggested Kindergarten Apps for Home

Endless Reader: sight words, lots of levels

Sight Words by Little Speller: sight words, nice parental controls

Kids Crosswords: spelling skills, sight words, and word recognition

PBS Kids: access to shows and other content

Little Patterns: creating and continuing patterns

ABC Letter Tracing: fine motor skills, letter recognition and letter formation