Physical and Chemical Analysis

By: Piper Simons

Element Name: Pipesquad ~ Symbol: Pq

Atomic Mass: 61.23497 kg (~135 lbs)

Discoverers: A child by the name of Penelope went scavenging for nothing particular, and noticed something strange. She pointed at the thing to her Mother and when her mother got curious she took a test. It was positive! This was a new element not yet discovered to man! What a find! Go children and minimal supervision woo hoo they find things for us and we take credit how fun.

Occurrence: It is heavily concentrated in the residence of where it was found (Penelope and her mother's home), and not much else. This element doesn't seem to go anywhere. Hmm what a shame.


  • Boils when lost all of it's patience. Good thing it has a lot of it!
  • Melts if it happens to see a cutie (not the orange)
  • Can cause your blood to splatter if you upset it. What a feisty little element.
  • Specimens can be found in many different states such as sad when rejected by the cutie it melted about earlier or if it forgets to consume nutrition during the day. It also shows happiness when "socializing" or "connecting" with the other elements close by. Very social this one is!
  • Becomes stubborn and doesn't hold back when it thinks it's right or agrees with something else and won't back down until proven wrong.


  • Is repelled by cringey or annoying people (people who make you gag or want to glue their mouth shut with gorilla glue when you see them)
  • Is attracted to nice people and pretty colours
  • May explode spontaneously when told a cheesy joke or is giddy about something or if it feels threatened the use of explosion, much like in wild life, helps it protect itself. Ya know it's more of an outburst than an explosion. Just needs to release some stress every once in a while.
  • Requires copious amount of attention. Very needy element. Sounds too high maintenance. If I was in charge of it I would've given up by now.
  • Is inert if sore from activities like doing what normal elements do ya know the whole social media and sitting around? Good stuff right there, tiring though.
  • Will repel the cool cats. Isn't allowed to sit with them. They're too cool. Too crisp. Too chill. Pipesquad is too hot, if she hung out with them they'd all melt. What a shame.
  • This element happens to be impervious to mean comments. It doesn't care what people thing. Although I say that, if the comment is super mean it could turn into a puddle (of tears). Don't get me started on super DUPER mean. It can only stand mean. Anything more and it'll disappear.