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Get ready for summer

The following resources and announcements may be shared with your students and parents, or used by you and your own children or grandchildren, in order to keep 'em reading this summer. Enjoy!

Primary Level Reading Tools

Reading Rockets is a wonderful newsletter for primary level teacher and reading specialists. You can subscribe to the e-newsletter, which always has links to useful information.

Egg hunt in the library

CHS students from Susan Monticelli's 5th period senior English class, Mrs. Dott's 5th period junior English class and Miss Sankey's intervention class worked together this school year on all types of projects which fostered skills development and learning by all involved. Right before Spring break, students from Miss Sankey's class enjoyed partnering with a senior English class to hunt Easter eggs in the library. Lauren Cox and Paige Avon are all smiles as they search for the hidden eggs.