November Monthly Newsletter

Month of November

Veterans Day Program

Credit to Redd Sagers and Ethan McCuthan

Student Council

Credit to Lexi McCarty

On November 12, the students running for various positions in the council gave speeches on why they should have the position they were running for. On Friday, we voted for Student Council positions.

The winners are:

President: Emma Johnson

Running: Layton Roberts, Rhett Rentaria

Preston Greer, and Emma Johnson

Vice President: Angela Boaz

Running: Raegan Downing

Secretary: Ariana Rodriguez

Running: Paige St. Peirre and Ava Carless

Treasurer: Tanner Hill

Running: Gavin Garnett

Historian: Kristine Cavasos

Running: Auburn Johnson

Congratulations to the winners!

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This week if your child brings $1, they get to wear any kind of hat on Friday, Dec. 11. The funds will go to getting T shirts for the Student Council or to local charities.

Another fundraiser is the coat drive. We are accepting lightly worn jackets and coats. We will be collecting between Monday, Dec. 7 and Friday, Dec. 11 in the library. They will be donated to the community center in Keller.

Spelling Bee

Credit to Lexi McCarty and Redd Sagers

The students who wanted to participate took an oral test to determine whether or not they could be in it. Each class has 2 people and an alternate the students are...

Spring: Lexi McCarty, Logan Josephson, and Evie Thomas (alternate)

Degnan: Redd Sagers , Arden Hustchinson, and Jack Thomas (alternate)

Timmons: Makenzee Everidge- Taylor and Chase Warner

Lindsey: Delaney Bogan and Michael Wills

Spelling Bee (Event Info)

Friday, Jan. 8th 2016 at 8:15am

701 Tierra Vista Way

Fort Worth, TX

Junior Achievement

Credit to Redd Sagers, Ethan McCuthan, and Hayden Beaty

On November 30th, we learned about what entrepreneur is. We learned that an entrepreneur is a person who uses resources to start a business. We also learned about a supply chain. Below, you can see the steps of the Supply Chain. There is also a video.

Supply Chain Steps:

  1. Get raw materials
  2. Make equipment
  3. Transportation
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Distribution
  6. Sales
  7. Purchase

we also learned about risks and rewards.For example if you have a hot dog stand and it rains nobody wants to buy your hot dog.But if you check the forcast you will know if it's going to be hot or cold if it's hot you thats your reward, you checked the forcast so you knew.

Mrs.Randi's Junior Achievement Video

See if you can figure out who fits in what category before the kids do. The categories are Technology, Entertainment, Food, and Sports.

Class Christmas Party

Friday, Dec. 18th, 1:45-2:45pm

701 Tierra Vista Way

Fort Worth, TX

Parents are welcome to attend their child's party!

Language Arts

Credit to Redd Sagers

On November 16, we learned how Cabeza de Vaca survived many hardships. We have learned that the weather conditions were very harsh. Shelter, food, and water were not easy to find. Below, you can see Cabeza's treacherous route.

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Science: Solar Houses

Credit to Redd Sagers.

In science, we are conducting an experiment to see which material absorbs and stores the most heat. The three materials we are testing are brick, slate, and tile. When we tested brick, (using a heat lamp acting as the sun) we found the temperature change over a 15 minute period was 11 degrees. When we tested tile, the temperature change was only 4 degrees.

Math: Equivalent Fractions

Credit to Lexi McCarty and Redd Sagers

In math, we are learning about equivalent fractions. We learned how to convert fractions so they have a common denominator. We learned lots of strategies for this topic. We have been doing lots of homework and class practice with Mrs. Lindsey's class!

Cabeza de Vaca Debate

Credit to Redd Sagers

On November 20th, we had a debate on which danger of Cabeza de Vaca's mission was the worst. The top 3 dangers were Gulf Coast mosquitoes, the Rio Grande, and Armed Strangers. We decided that the river crossing was the worst. Each leader came up and had 30 seconds to prove why their danger was the worst and disprove the other leader's danger.

This newsletter has been a collaborative effort. Credits go to Redd Sagers, Hayden Beaty, Lexi McCarty, and Ethan McCuthan.