Paxton Loquist; Blk. 4


Mercury is a heavy, silvery-white metal with a low melting and boiling point. Mercury has no radioactivity, heavy to disintegrate, and hardly combustible. Mercury was said to be discovered in 2000 BC. Thought to have the power to strengthen your health, both the ancient Chinese and Greeks used Mercury in their everyday lives. Whether that be a mixture to drink that would most likely cause liver failure, brain damage, and/or mercury poisoning or cosmetics, these people thought this element was a gift from God. In reality, don't touch it. It is extremely dangerous and harmful even by touch.

There has been an outbreak of mad civilians running around the city. We have no word of the cause. All we do know is to make sure that you keep your family and loved ones inside at at all times. Stay tuned for more current updates.


The epidemic is said to be caused by the element Mercury. It seems that it has been put into something that we all use. At this time we do not know what it is in so I would suggest that you all be careful in what you have just purchased. This includes food, clothing, furniture, and any other utensil you can think of. Local scientist are still searching for the cause and a cure. What we do know is that you also need to stay away from anyone who is showing the following symptoms: depression-like reactions, vomiting, tremors, hearing loss, chest pains, breathing problems, and much more. Watch for more.


For those who may not know, Mercury is heavy and silver. This liquid looking element is surprisingly a metal. It has a low boiling point and is very hard to disintegrate. Do not work because Mercury has no radioactivity but is highly poisonous. Even by the touch. Cases are showing that many of those suffering from mercury poisoning will soon face death if no cause is found. Just remember- *loud crashing, screams and snarls sound, and the television becomes static*

Silence sounds through the small gathering inside my living room. Close family and friends with their families sit around in shock as we remember the account of what just happened. Standing up I circle the house for the tenth time in the last hour making sure all windows and doors are locked and secured with items that can not be passed through. This sickness or whatever it is creating havoc and is scaring us. I don't like it, especially how it just started so fast. It doesn't help that our only source of information has also been ruined. I writhe in pain as I come upon the living room and see everyone curled together scared white. The moans outside the house have become strangely quiet. Walking into the kitchen I call for the kids to help me gather some food to eat for lunch. Upon finding the food we make a pile of numerous snack foods and drinks we managed to get before all of this actually broke loose. Nibbling what we could manage to get down we all decide to rest and hang around the house. Not like we have a choice. Hours seem to pass in complete calmness. But that's when the knock on the door came...