Program Brief

Program Development & Implementation

What's Going On In Our Regions?


  • Negotiated a contract with the Los Angeles Public Library to staff 34 branches with Student Zone Helpers in the 2016-17 school year.
  • Neil and Katie met with the superintendent of Rowland Unified School District to discuss a partnership with 3 schools for the 2016-17 school year. We are excited to use this process as a template for engaging smaller districts throughout LA County.
  • We have identified risk in some of our current R&I partners renewing for next year, particularly Valor and Stella.


  • Will return to Burnett for the 2016-17 school year (3rd year) doing 20 days of consulting and 2+ Educator Workshops.
  • Currently working to help Voices CMO prepare for 2016-17 school year by helping them plan for summer professional development and how to better evaluate teacher progress in personalized learning.
  • Actively searching out after school programs like Citizen Schools and Boys and Girls Club that may be interested in Educator Workshops and/or coaching.


  • Launched Coaching Blended Learning 5-part series with 10 coaches from Talent Development Secondary (a subsidiary of Diplomas Now and Network partner)
  • Hosted School Leader Summit on May 10th with 6 leaders in attendance, including reps from all current R&I schools and one potential partner school
  • Conducted four site visits in the month of May (1) New Profit at SBP (2) Barker Welfare Foundation and Dobbs Ferry Superintendent at TEP (3) Tiger Foundation, Jeff Weltzer and Jim Shelton at TYWLS and (4) Future Leaders Institute (potential school partner) at SBP
  • Received 16 applications for school partners in FY16-17 (6 returning, 10 new); currently screening and conducting follow-up visits
  • TEP, TYWLS and SBP will all be returning as R&I partners next year. We are recruiting 2 additional elementary schools for the R&I program through our Flom Foundation grant.


  • Implemented two sessions of the App Challenge at Brown and Long Middle Schools. App Challenge was funded by the Blank Family Foundation.
  • As part of the App Challenge, we are taking two STEM Career field trips to SAP and MailChimp in May.
  • Hosting a Partner Breakfast and Classroom Site Visit on May 10th at King Middle School
  • We will be working with APS to develop a model for STEM PD and Family Engagement in targeted APS STEM Clusters

What products & programs are we creating?



Supporting Implementation of PowerMyLearning Connect

Development Leads: Becca & Andrea

This workshop is designed for afterschool leaders to understand the benefits and basics of using PMLC, so they can turnkey that information to their afterschool staff. This session will focus on easy ways to empower staff and students to use the platform based on their needs and interests. (The initial partner is DYCD in NYC.)

(In Development)

Blended Learning For Coaching (5 sessions aligned to the BIF areas)

Development Lead: Becca + Maria


(Pilot – Ongoing)

Digital Learning Community Calls (FREE and exclusive to PML Network members)

Development Leads: Becca and Bill

Delivered to Network members once per month, discussion-based forum on digital learning; 10 minutes of PML staff presenting and then open discussion.


(Complete!) Implemented 4/21

Planning for the Future: College & Career Success (FCW adapted for High School)

Development Lead: Miosotys

This is an adaptation of our current Planning for the Future FCW for high school families. This opportunity was generated by a NYC City Council partnership, and the workshop will be delivered on 3/10. (No Spanish version available)

(In Development)

Blended Learning Planning Series (for school leaders)

Development Lead: Becca

This is a series of sessions at the start of a school partnership where school leaders and/or lead teachers are trained in advance of the rest of the educator community. Ideally, this would orient them to our work and introduce them to blended learning.


STEM Consulting Toolkit

Development Lead: Shon/Colleen

This product offering will be a STEM focused lens on current consulting products. Specifically, a consulting toolkit will be developed that aligns current coaching practices with STEM practices and the Georgia STEM certification rubric. The toolkit will enable coaches to provide relevant support for schools that have chosen STEM as their signature program.


STEM Family Workshop

This product would be a connection workshop designed to introduce families to STEM and build their capacity to support STEM learning at home. This workshop will be particularly desirable for schools that are choosing STEM as their signature program. This workshop will also serve as a pilot of blended learning innovations that could be incorporated in the FLW after they are tested on a smaller scale. The workshop length will be approximately 2 hours with check-in and food


STEM (and Project Based Learning) Educator Workshop

Development Lead: Shon/Colleen

(In Development)

Part I: Family Engagement Framework

Development Lead: Meghan

The FE Framework will be a simple document that clearly articulates a set of indicators that define PowerMyLearning’s outcomes in family engagement. Once completed, the document will serve as a backbone for PowerMyLearning family engagement work and help to ground and guide our program development and evaluation in this area—both for our work with schools to strengthen family engagement practices, and our work directly with families to strengthen family involvement in learning at home.


Part II: Family Engagement Support/Consulting

Development Lead: Meghan

Family Engagement Consulting Days would be a new program offering for the 2016-17 school year, and have already been included in sales materials for the NYC region (listed as “Family Engagement Support”). The days would be for regional staff (generally Program Managers) to spend at the school, supporting both family engagement leaders (parent liaisons/coordinators) and school leaders to identify and begin implementing school-wide strategies to strengthen family engagement and home learning through technology.