Team Embrace January Newsletter

Stats & Congrats for January 2014

Hey ladies!

January was a "J" month. Did you know that the J months are typically the lowest in the direct sales industry? Good to know now how to plan your June and July coming up this summer. Well I'm not going to sugar coat it but January was not the greatest of months as a company. Our team did way better than most teams and it's because of YOU.

Who's excited for the FUNctional $10 Zip-Top Organizing Tote on special for February? With the winter months and extreme weather, if you have to cancel parties or postpone, always remember to communicate with your hostess and if a home party doesn't work out, do a Facebook virtual party instead. There's even a script and all the pictures on TOT, "How to Market February" link. No excuses. All the tools are right at your fingertips.

If you're on Melissa or Rebecca's teams, then you are included in this newsletter because you rolled up just for the month.

It's the beginning of the year, and what a good time to set your goals for 2014. Email me your SMART goals by February 20th. Thanks to Carrie Garioto for sending in hers. Looking forward to seeing the rest of yours!

Your Proud Senior Director,


Welcome New Consultants!

New Consultants

Marla Dougherty

New York, sponsored by sister Missy Johnson

Tanya Prokop

Nebraska, sponsored by Christi Trinder

Tracy Poenitske

Kansas, sponsored by Sara Brandt

Lynn Ann Asano

Georgia, sponsored by Jessica Clark

Jasmin Fling

Colorado, sponsored by Maggie Ward

New Consultants,

If you haven't schedule a new consultant orientation call with me, please do so ASAP. Email me a few dates and times you have available. Plan on 30-45 minutes. Thanks!

Top Consultants

Start Swell Earners

Congratulations! You earned FREE products and business supplies just by submitting $600 PV every 30 days. Way to go!

Tanya Prokop - Level 1

Amy Pecora - Level 2

Missy Johnson - Level 3 and will be earning Level 4 soon!

Consultants in Start Swell, please make sure you know your due dates. Go to your home screen on the left hand and put those dates in your calendar.

Top 20%

Gretchen Schick

Amy Pecora

Sharon Cefaratti

Elizabeth Howerton

Jennifer Dieker

Joelle Raper

Jessica Clark

Amy Lamperti

Jennifer Mau

Tasha Cohen

Michele Johnson

Lynn Ann Asano

Sarah Helms

Top Parties

Awesome job, Sharon!

Sharon Cefaratti - 3

Amy Pecora - 2

Tasha Cohen - 2

Top Recruits

Sharing Thirty-One will reward you and others. Congrats, ladies!

Missy Johnson - 1

Sara Brandt - 1

Christi Trinder - 1

Maggie Ward - 1

Jessica Clark - 1

High 5 to the Top 5 Consultants in Personal Volume

What an awesome first month, Amy! You rock!

Amy Pecora $2082 Personal Volume

Sharon Cefaratti $2027

Elizabeth Howerton $1511

Jennifer Dieker $1439

Jessica Clark $1056

Top Directors

Top Director Parties

You're a party animal, Gretchen! Awesome job!

Gretchen Schick - 4!

Joelle Raper - 2

Top Director Recruits

A Big Zero. Who's going to change that next month?

Top Director Personal Volume

Rock star! Almost $3k! Fantastic, Gretchen!

Gretchen Schick - $2948

Joelle Raper - $1416

Top Director Team Sales

Team Schick is the bomb! Congrats, Gretchen!

Gretchen Schick - $10,271

Joelle Raper - $4636

Team Embrace Stats

Number of Consultants: 69

Team Sales: $25,077

Number of Parties: 41

Number of Recruits: 5

Your Director's Stats

These numbers are meant to impress upon you, not to impress you.

January PV: $2345

Parties: 3

Recruits: 0

Team Sales: $25,077

Downline Sales: $35,620

Downline Consultants: 115

I would have made $586 as a Consultant, but because I chose leadership I made $2156!

Mary's 411

Office Hours:

Mon.- Thurs. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. MDT

Fridays, Evenings & Weekends by Appointment