Testing Stratiges

By: Andrew Washburn

Poetry Stratiges

- Write down words from the poem that you know

- # the stanzas

- Find the pattern in the poem

- # the lines

- Underline proof in the poem

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Reading stratiges

- Read ?'s first

- Underline keywords in the ?'s

- Underline proof for your answer in the text

- R.U.N.N.E.R.S

Figurative Language

Under this note is a picture of Figurative Language.
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Paired Text Stratiges

- Make a venn diagram that compares the two passages

- Remember to read questions first

- # the passages

- Put passage number onto the question that fits that passage.

Keywords for questions

- Different: paired texts

- Similar: paired texts

- Compare & Contrast: Find whats similar or different, venn diagram

- Central Idea: The summary of the passage

- Main Idea: What the main subject of the passage is.

- Summarization: Summarizing the text in a sentence

- Theme: The message that the story is telling you


Beginning, Middle and End of the story.

Denotation & Connotation

Denotation: The actual meaning of the word, the definition Ex: Serpent- A large snake, Another name for Satan.

Connotation: The way the word makes you feel Ex: Old- Irrelevant

Comfort tips

Use the restroom and in a stall, do a "hero stance".

Take deep breathes and put head down for at the most 60 seconds and stretch

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