HEALTH IMPROVEMENT through DRUMMING in Body, Mind & Spirit

SOUND is the Universal Force of Creation.

Through SOUND, the Universe manifests ENERGY into Form. You/We possess much of the same power to transform thought into a tangible form through the direct use of intentional SOUND. Through SOUND, the essence of the Universe flows through You and out into the World. You are the bridge between the Universe's continuous drive towards creation & the physical manifestation of it.

UNITY Spiritual Centre Windsor ~ 2nd Floor

Tuesday, Jan. 29th, 6-7:30pm

3640 Wells St

Windsor, ON

PARKING- If coming from Huron, take Prince to College. Turn right on College & take 2nd driveway to your right. Park vehicle and walk over to your left down a bit of a slope and you'll enter at the overhang. Take elevator on right up to 2nd floor (labelled as floor 1 on elevator) and voila, we'll be to your left as you exit.

Three month series covering different themes based on LEADERSHIP, RELATIONSHIPS & COMMUNITY

ALL PEOPLE INCLUDING BEGINNERS ARE WELCOMED. Young children must be accompanied and monitored by an adult at all times.
A love offering is requested in kindness of $10/person to support the church and the circle.

For further information contact Tammy @ (519)996-4011 or via email