Theme song for 1984

Coldplay (Spies)

Spies by Coldplay is a perfect theme song for 1984. In the song the artist expresses how he is a fugitive. Winston alike this artist is a fugitive in Oceania. Winston's job in the ministry of truth entails falsify records so certain elements of past history will be forgotten. Ironically in the song Coldplay says that they have forgotten everything that they've learned. In the book of 1984 there where spies in everywhere watching your every move to make sure you were not disobeying the party. The song quotes "there are spies in every corner." In the book the citizens were forced to forget anything that they might possibly believe and conform their thoughts to whatever the party believes at the moment; the song ask, "what do I know, show me the right way to go" . this is in relation to the citizens seeking their answers from the party rather than being able to find the answers within themselves. The hook of the song say "you cant touch them no, because their all spies" in the book everyone is out to get whoever betrays the beliefs of the party, so none can overthrow their beliefs because they are the bulk of the population, you can never learn who to trust and Winston undergoes this struggle in the book 1984.

Spies - Coldplay