Eastern Woodlands

By Emily Arno

Summary Paragraph

In the Eastern Woodlands they ate a variety of different foods, wore many types of clothing, bulit homes for their familys, and created unique customs, arts, and tools. These people would eat deer, bear, nuts, rabbit, woodchucks, geese, partridge, duck, corn, beans, squash, and lots of fish and shellfish. Their specialties included dumplings, mapel syrup, baked apples, and smoked meat. In the Eastern Woodlands they wore comfortable breechcloths, leggings, shirts, and moccasins. Their shelters are tents made of animal skin, wigwams, and wooden "longhouses." Their unique customs are that they worship numerous spirits, and celebrate their hunts by painting their bodies with bright colors. Some of the Eastern Woodland people would craft tools such as bow and arrows and tomahawks.