Multimedia Artist and Animator

By:Kristy Bui

Career Requirements

Multimedia artist and animator create visual effects and animations for movies, shows, computer games, and more. The artists and animators have to come up with original ideas, create images, work as a team, and work to meet the deadlines that are given. In order to be a Multimedia artist and animator, one must know how to use programs, hand draw, and design . One must also have a bachelor degree in the art related field and a portfolio of their work to submit while applying for this job. If they get accepted, there could be a training program too. Some animations studio have their own computer software, so a training program . The outlook of Multimedia artist and animator is expected to grow 6% from 2014 to 2024, about as fast as the average for all careers. The growth is due to the demand for an increase of animation, visual effects, and computer graphics for movies, video games, smart phones, etc. The salary of this job is about a yearly average salary of $68,630 ($30.59 per hour) in 2014. The work environment of multimedia artist is in an office or at home. Usually, most multimedia artists work on a regular schedule; unless the deadlines are near, they might have to work weekends and nights.

High School Preparation

To make this career possible, in high school one should take computer classes to learn about and experience more about softwares that are related to drawing and design. This would help make the process easier for drawing and designing digitally. Another course that would help improve one's drawings and color skills are art classes such as drawing, painting, etc. These classes could help one expand their skills on coming up with ideas and enhance drawing and designing. Along with the classes, extra-curricular activities such as art club could help more with ones artistic skills. Photography club could improve one with being more creative and help learn more about some computer software like Photoshop. Volunteering or working with the theater art's department to create the props could improve on painting and designing.

Post-Secondary Plan Requirement

Some of my college options include, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and School of Visual Arts. The SAIC is one of my college options, since it's one of the top schools of art. The college is also in Chicago, so it isn't that far from home. The college is also a medium size school which was what I wanted. It provides majors like animation, painting, and drawing. The college also offers a Bachelor degree and Masters degree in Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics, and Special Effects. Another college option is SVA which is also a medium size school located in New York. Although New York is far from home, I think that living in a different environment lets me be more independent. This college is also one of the "top schools" for animation and designing. Furthermore, the school also provides both Bachelor and Master degrees too . The college provides the students with learning more about developing 2-D and 3-D images for video games, film, etc.

Pictures of Animation

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