Spanking Vs. Non-Spanking

By: Dr.Uche

Should I Spank my child?

There is currently huge debates over whether you should hit/Spank your child. Scientifically kids who get spanked by there parents have a harder time controlling there temper, they also mentally stabler than "non-spanked kids". Also if you hit your child they will think it's fine to hit others.

Other substitutes for spanking your child:

1.Be kind but also firm in what you say.

2.You could give choices.

3.Give reasonable consequences.

Advice Column (One per magazine)

Q: Hello Dr.Uche, i'm a parent of two they are both 14 years old. My question is what if I run out of patience and need to spank my child?

A: Well before you hit them you should take three deep breathes, and remember when you were little, would you like it?!

About me

My name is Dr.Uche.

I'm 33 years old and i'm a parent of two.

My advice always works.

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Date- 9/22/15

Issue- #324