Playful Polar Bearz!

By Ashna 5C

Hunting is Bad!

Polar bears are amazing creatures that is decreasing because of global warming that are being caused by us humans. We are polluting the sky which is causing green house gases that is floating around in our atmosphere which is warming our planet and breaking the ice in the Arctic that is costing many lives of polar bears.

Food Chain

The polar bears prey are seals and fish. To catch a seal, pregnant polar bears sit right on top of a seals breathing hole above the water waiting for a delicious treat. Most of the time, polar bears just swim to catch prey. The only thing that is claiming the lives of polar bears is global warming. Other than that, polar bears is on the top of the food chain and food web. The food chain for a polar bear starts with the sun, the sun is a producer right below the herbivore on the food chain triangle. The sun makes algae grow, and that takes us to the next biotic factor; fish. They are omnivores since they eat algae, little fish and, shrimp. Seals are polar bears food and fish's nightmares. The decomposer in this food chain is bacteria. A decomposer starts the process all over again by feeding on the carcus of whichever animal and starting the system again.
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Food Web

The food web for the polar bear only has one abiotic factor which is the sun. All the rest of the products are biotic such as algae, fish, seals, shellfish, and of course, polar bears. The fish eat algae and seal eat the fish and polar bears eat seals. However, polar bears also eat shellfish and fish. The only difference between the seals food chain and the polar bears food chain is the polar bears feed on seals.
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Biotic and Abiotic

Polar bears need abiotic and biotic factors to live. Polar bears need biotic factors for food while they need abiotic factors such as ice, water, rocks, and snow. Without these things, polar bears would be extinct. The Arctic has less and less abiotic factors because of global warming as mentioned above.

Over and Under Population

Our animal the polar bear is on the risk of extinction with the sky being growing in pollution and ice breaking constantly in the arctic. Polar bears are decreasing in rate by almost half because of global is effecting everything in the polar bears' ecosystem including the plants and the sun. While the algae is doubling and the sunlight is increasing, the fish, seals, shellfish and polar bears are decreasing rapidly.

Stop Being a Bully and Stop Global Warming!!

Global warming is threat for all the precious animals that live in the Arctic which includes the polar bear. As explained above, we should stop releasing green house gases into the atmosphere. The life of polar bears and other majestic creatures, are in our hands. So stop polluting our humble earth and be a hero for the many species.