CFES Travel Plan for Parents

Destination Excellence

Tomorrow is Nurse's Appreciation Day and also the day we will celebrate Nurse Jennifer's upcoming retirement. We wish her the very best as she ventures to Florida to enjoy her next journey in life. We are so grateful that Jennifer has kept our Cougars safe and taken care of them for the past 7 years. Feel free to write a special note or card as a family and send it in to the front office tomorrow so we can share them with her throughout the day.

Summary of action items

  • Wednesday May, 11th our 5th Grade students will be taking the STAAR Science Assessment. Our campus is closed to all visitors on this day, which includes volunteers and lunchroom guests. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
  • Next week our campus is closed to all visitors due to state assessments Tuesday, May 17th and Wednesday, May 18th .
  • Order School Supplies for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year
  • Review end of year medication pick up information from Nurse Jennifer
  • RSVP for upcoming campus events
  • Pre-K registration information
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Upcoming Events that require parents to RSVP:

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We can't thank you enough!!

CFES Parents,

Words could never express how thankful we are for everything that you did last week to honor and celebrate our staff. We are so grateful for you and your continual support of our school. Our teachers and staff had an amazing week and felt your love daily! Every detail was perfect from start to finish. We are forever grateful for your time and efforts.

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Huge Thank you to our 2021-2022 PTO Executive Board

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The entire CFES Community is grateful for your time, service and dedication to our kids!

PreK Registration Information

Access TISD PreK Registration info for details about the PreK program.

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We did it! Our community was able to come together to make about 600 art kits with art supplies, positive affirmations, and original artwork created by our students! B.I.G. Love, the nonprofit organization, picked up the art kits to share with kids who have cancer at our local hospitals. Thank you so much for always spreading joy and showing compassion for others.

Kinder Program

Note from Nurse Jennifer

Reminder that all student medication that has been brought to the clinic (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Inhalers, Epi Pens, Benadryl, etc.) must be picked up by the end of the year. Medication pick up can be done at the clinic between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm from now until the end of May.

Great Expectations

Life Principle of the Week: dedication-setting aside for a particular purpose

Being faithful or devoted to someone or something

“Don’t give up. I believe in you all. A person’s a person no matter how small.” Dr. Seuss

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't.” Jerry Rice

Celebration: Grab a Star

Call Back: chicka, chicka, boom boom

Expectation #3: We will use good manners, saying, “please,” thank you,” and “excuse me,” and allow others to go first.

Mrs. Parson's Lesson on Dedication

Mrs. Parson's Resources for Dedication

Watch D.O.G.S

Thank you to all of our WATCH D.O.G.S. that took time to serve this year! It is awesome to have a positive male role model on campus for our students daily. We appreciate you.

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Designated Days for Lunch Visitors

Monday: Last Name= A thru D

Tuesday: Last Name= E thru K

Wednesday: Last Name= L thru P

Thursday: Last Name = Q thru Z

Friday’s in May = Q-Z

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  • If your child tests positive for COVID the district requires that you complete the Report Positive COVID Student the day you learn they are positive.