By Matthew Karadsheh

3 physical properties

-dark grey color

- shiny


3 chemical properties

- does not dissolve in or react in water

- reacts with oxygen

- has the ability to form long chains

3 uses

-fossil fuel

-methane gas

- crude oil


Once there was a little boy named carbon. He was full of physical and chemical properties! He shines people day! Sometimes carbon gets hard when he's made into something new. He always had an odd like color, very dark grey color.

Carbon also had best friends! Like his friend oxygen. He always reacts with oxygen whenever there together. Carbon though, has some people he doesn't like. Like H2o (water). He could never dissolve in water or react with water like he does with oxygen! Carbon also has the ability to form long chains of molecules which is pretty neat!

Carbon also likes to help the world out! He makes fossil fuels to help people drive around and fly to places. He also makes methane gas to help with fuel and heat and light for his friends. Lastly, carbon makes crude oil to help out make materials for everyone. Carbon is a wonderful fellow and we need him in are life or without him life would be a struggle.

Where is it found?

In the atmosphere of the earth

Common compounds it forms

Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon disulfide.

Reactivity of carbon

Reacts with oxygen

Isotopes of carbon

Made up with masses of 12,13,14

Safety information

It's safe and helps make fuel and material for our daily lives