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Tallwood Elementary School Staff Newsletter

Week of February 1, 2016

Upcoming Events in February

Feb 1- Book Fair Begins

Feb 1- Staff Day No School
Feb 2- Begin 3rd Grading Period

Feb 3- Learning Walks with Three Oaks ES teachers

Feb 5- SCA Movie Night

Feb 5- Student of the Month and Terrific Timberwolves

Feb 8- 2nd Grade Collab and Learning Walks

Feb 8- Report Cards issued

Feb. 8- School Counseling Week

Feb. 9- Skype with author Kathy Duval in Learning Commons

Feb. 10- Imagine Learning Rep visits 2nd grade during collab

Feb 10- PTA Blood Drive

Feb 12- First Grade collab and learning walks

Feb 12- Parent of the Month

Feb 15- Schools Closed for Presidents Day

Feb 16- Red and Pink Day

Feb 17- Scrabble Day

Feb 18- Western Day

Feb 19- Achieve 3000 Rep visit 3-5 during PE in Pirate Room


Feb 19- PTA Bingo 7 pm

Feb 22- PTA program Temples and Tombs

Feb 23- Va Opera 9:30 and 1:45

Feb 25- Adjusted Dismissal

A BIG Thanks To...

I wanted to thank everyone here at Tallwood for making sure we sent our children home safely and to their right destination . Our dismissal on Friday went so smoothly. You guys were so prepared, Great Job! Vickie Storm and DF

Kudos to Karen Kass for the fantastic reading lessons. We can't wait to create our own Photo Stories and Skype with the author! Julie Copley

Thank you Leanna for teaching me how to utilize Survey Monkey in my class. Brent

Thank you to Keisha O’Neal for working with me to create Gounseling! Also, thank you to the fourth grade teachers for being flexible with their schedules to allow me to lengthen my lesson and come in for a follow up! Tammy Schubart

Kudos to Vicky for facilitating dismissal changes every day MMBrown

Kudos to Ms. Bulger for putting together the 20th century skills video! It is awesome. I cannot wait to show my kids, they are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I literally just LOLed so hard at the bloopers! Thanks for all the work you put into this! Corie Olenych

Super Kudos to Keisha and Sharon for the awesome support with our weather performance task.The children are so excited and learning so much as we take them through this project. We are lucky to have you both as part of Tallwood’s support staff. Diane Dykes

Kudos to Mrs. Logsdon, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Carr, Ms. Gray, Dr. Kveton, and Mrs. Swan you guys are doing such a great job with the STEP PROGRAM! Vickie Storm

This Week's PINS

Prompting for Fluency

Although, I encourage students to reread guided reading books beginning with level A, I don’t usually prompt for fluency until level C. I want emergent readers to attend to the print, build automaticity with sight words and take action to problem-solve at difficulty. When students reread the book on Day 2, I still ask them to point to each word. Why? I want to make sure they aren’t just memorizing the book. I once had a Reading Recovery® student tell me, “I can read this with my eyes closed.” I had to explain that it isn’t reading unless your eyes are looking at the words. Once I am certain students are attending to print and monitoring with one to one matching, I discourage pointing and say, “Read it with your eyes. You don’t need to point anymore.” I prompt them to read in phrases and to use more voice inflection. Now that their eyes are ready to take in two or three words at a time, they are ready to read with more fluency.


Dogs Who Fail At Being Dogs

Happy Birthday!

2-Teresa Donaldson

7- Diane Dykes

8-Leslie Brinson

9- Donna Hart

16- Stephanie Slate

18-Rachelle Gray

20- Stormy Bergey

28- Ann Bahr

28 Lauren Knoblauch

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