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October 12th, 2018

Happy Friday! It looks like I still have about 10 parents who need to sign up for conferences. Please see the link below and sign up for a time. I appreciate it.

We had a productive week of learning in the classroom. We did a lot of math center work. The first unit test will be Monday, October 15th. Please see that your child reviews the study guide over the weekend.

In reading we started book partnerships where students are reading the same book as a partner and sharing their thinking as we learn new strategies for analyzing characters.

In science we worked on creating a summary table of all the work we have been doing in science to answer the focus questions: How can the truck be stopped safely and without damage? We also did an experiment using washers to see how energy is transferred.

In spelling, we started lesson 5 and made flashcards. In writing we are working our way through our rough drafts of stories.

And in social studies we started learning about geographers and Mr. Help; The five themes of geography: Movement, region, human-environmental interaction, location and place.

Hopefully you've had a chance to read what I included in last week's newsletter on regulation. Some parents have given me a lot of positive feedback and found it useful. This is the final year of elementary school. I see 4th grade as a final year of training for the big leagues when students start to receive letter grades. I see this year as a time to continue to develop and refine executive functioning skills. These skills include organization, following directions, being mindful of what they need to be doing at the moment, being able to stay on task or pull oneself back on task when the mind wanders or when silly behavior takes over. If you find that you need to remind your child each morning to do a list of routines or homework, then your child may need more development of executive function skills. I am here to help with this at school. Many of the report card grades reflect all of these skills, so it is important for me to help your child develop them along with your support at home.

What is self regulation? How can we help our students develop this?

30 Ways to teach self regulation at home and at school

Achieve 3000

Each week, your child completes two nonfiction articles in Achieve 3000. This is an online reading program that promotes nonfiction reading comprehension. They start the year taking a level set test. Once your child's Lexile number has been determined from that test, the articles are designed to match your child's current reading level. After reading, your child answers 8 comprehension questions. If your child receives a 75% or greater on the first try answering those questions, the Lexile number increases at the end of the month. We want students to be at a Lexile number of 740 by the end of 4th grade. Today I will send home your child's current Lexile number for Achieve 3000. I am working at getting students to really take their time on these because poor scores will decrease their Lexile numbers. Please have your child login to Clever at home to access Achieve 3000. Your child can practice at home at any time. However, the results are not factored into the Lexile change. Only those completed within the school day are included. But it does not hurt to have your child practice. Maybe sit down with him/her and try to answer questions together. This can count towards the daily reading log time!!!!! I am seeing some low scores. This week our average was 67% as a class on first try scores. Please require your child to do some of this work at home for reading each week.
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Parent Peek into Our Week!

Science energy transfer of washers

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Spelling news!

This week you and your child went over his/her spelling test and reflected on the score. I do this for many reasons, but mostly because I do not want these scores to be punitive. I do not want to simply grade tests and send them home. I want students to learn study skills because they are a huge necessity for being successful in the world of academia. Your child needs to set goals in both reading and spelling each week. They need to learn that in order to see growth, the time has to be put into studying. This is a perfect year to practice this when letter grades are not yet in place. It takes time to go through this process. Both for you and for me, but I see the forest through the trees. I want weeks to go by where students see positive results BECAUSE he/she put the time in (several times) to practice. When they learn what it takes to improve, then they have learned a lifelong skill.

This week's fan favorites for homophone cards!

Growth Mindset

Each week I would like to include a parent blurb about growth mindset from the book I read titled Mindsets in the Classroom by Mary Cay Ricci. I am including them because I think it helps if we are using the same lingo at school at at home. I hope you find these helpful. It has been transformative in my delivery as a teacher. Thank you to those of you who have purchased games on my Amazon link for our future game night. No date set yet.
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