Steroids 101

What happened to Juan?

Juan is a 15-year-old football player who has been having severe chest was brought to the emergency room. It is revealed by blood tests and Juan's confession of having used steroids to be ready for football. What could steroids do to Juan? Could he do something instead of steroids? What resources to could help him?

Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids mimic the hormone testosterone. The definition of Anabolic is something that causes tissue build up, therefore anabolism indicates to a growth of lean tissue, most of the time muscular tissue. Steroids can be used for medical treatment, but they are often wrongly used to bulk up in a hurry. Athletes use Anabolic steroids, and Doctors use Corticosteroids. An estimated .5 percent of eighth graders admitted to having misused steroids at some point or time. Most misused steroids are used to grow stronger.
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Science of Steroids Documentary - Part 2

Resources instead of Steroids