How to help animals

By Ji Soo.

Animal cruelty is a large problem amongst the world.

Animals are being brought in from a background of animal cruelty. Some animals are unlucky and found dead in their home that was mean't to be their loving haven. Many want to help those animals but do not know how. This poster will tell you all the information.

How do you help the animals?

It's quite simple, contact your local authorities and/or the SPCA.

You call fill out SPCA's Animal cruelty form: (QR code below)

If you don't have time call the abuse number: (214)-461-1850.

You have to tell them the detail and what you should do as you wait for help.

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Why should I?

Helping these animals will give the a chance to have a true family once again. They deserve a home that treats them right. It shows true heroism and responsibility.