Thunder Storms

David Sager

How and where do Thunder storms form?

They form when two air masses cold and warm collide. The meeting of these two masses will create a Thunder storm. sometimes these Thunder storms will create a more crazy storm called a Supercell. The Thunder storms create in storm cloud called a Cumulonimbus.
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Are there any warnings associated with a Thunder Storm?

Yes, there can be warnings for Thunder Storms. Mostly for severe storms if that is the case then a storm could bring a Tornado or floods. A severe Thunder storm means that it will be a strong storm and it could be dangerous.
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Thunder storm Warnings!!

You can find storm warnings on tv or on weather stations and on the radio. Most warning will ask you to stay away from windows and get to the lowest point of a home or place you can. It is very important to protect yourself.

Are there any certain clouds associated with the storm?

Yes, it is called the Cumulonimbus. This cloud is a storm cloud this is how you get Thunder storms, Tornado, or a Huricane.
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Does the storm have different scale(s) used to measure severity?

Yes, they base it off of if it will be just rain or if it will be a small storm or a big storm. It is not like when you measure the severity of a Tornado or Huricane.
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Precautions for the storm.

A Thunder storm can be deadly or get deadly. Always gather flashlights, blankets, food, and water. Keep in doors and stay away from windows. Have a phone or a computer a radio would work also to keep track with the storm and your local weather service.