Welcome to Kindergarten!

Planning a Successful Transition to School


On behalf of the staff and students at John A. MacDonald Public School, welcome to our school community. I will be Kim’s Kindergarten teacher. I look forward to meeting Kim and getting to know her better. This newsletter is to inform you of the details of our upcoming transition meeting and address any possible concerns that you might have.

The Objective of a Transition Meeting

The objective of a transition meeting is to collaborate with you on how to effectively support Kim throughout her transition into Kindergarten. During the meeting we will talk about Kim’s strengths, interests, and needs. We will also talk about strategies that have been working for her in her early year’s program and at home. Together we will develop a successful transition to school program and give you the opportunity to ask question and share your concerns.

Who Will be at the Meeting

I will be at the meeting, as well as our school principal, our classroom Early Childhood Educator (DECE), an Education Assistant (EA,) Kim’s early years program educator, her occupational therapist, her physiotherapist, our staff special education teacher, and anyone else who you would like to have in attendance. We will all collaborate to develop a transition plan that meets Kim’s needs. Our team will also be available to assist with the transition.

The Transition Process

The transition process began when you registered Kim for Kindergarten early and shared her needs with us. We will be scheduling a case conference with you where we will review Kim’s preschool information, identify her strengths and needs, and develop a written transition plan with our team. We will also plan series of visits for Kim to become comfortable with the school, her new classroom, and her new routines. During our next meeting, I will provide you with some books and video clips to support her at home as well as our “Welcome to Kindergarten” information package that will answer questions about healthy snacks, indoor shoes, school and home communication, and more. It is important for you to know, that the school staff has been trained to support Kim’s needs and the school environment has been adapted for safety and to promote independence as much as possible.

Roles and Responsibilities

There are many roles and responsibilities of those in attendance at the meeting and throughout the transition process. As her parents, it would be helpful if you could help Kim become comfortable with the transition process and our team. Sharing any strategies that work well at home to support Kim would be appreciated. It would benefit Kim by helping carry out the transition with consistency and according to the plan we developed together. The DECE and I will be participating fully in the transition while observing and documenting Kim’s strengths, needs, interests, and learning style as identified in her IEP. We will use our data in order to plan appropriate teaching and assessment strategies to help Kim experience academic and transition success. The special education teacher will also be participating in the transition and the transition team will draw on her knowledge and experience to help Kim successfully meets her goals. The professionals who have worked with Kim throughout the early years can help develop and implement Kim’s transition by sharing strategies that have previously helped her and by helping the team set appropriate expectations and goals for her transition.

Preparation for the Future

The transition meeting will help prepare Kim for the future by providing the best chance for a successful and happy entry into kindergarten. A successful entry into Kindergarten will help Kim develop a positive attitude towards school and learning which will benefit her throughout her academic career.

I hope that this information gives you an idea of what to expect throughout Kim’s transition to Kindergarten. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or our principal if you have any further questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you to make Kim’s transition to Kindergarten a success.