GC-B Monthly Update

November 2019

Literacy and Passion Project Night

Thank you for participating and attending this special night on November 5th. Students were able to show their progress on their passion project. Area organizations set up tables promoting the love of literacy. It was a great night and we can't wait to have another one in March!

Veteran's Day

Proactive Students--Mission: It's Possible!

Over the month of November, I was catching students being proactive. At the start of each week, I put the pictures together for students to watch during their Great Start. As you can see, the students at GC-B showed all of the traits that we are looking for: self control, helpful, focused, happy, having a plan, and listening actively! For the month of December, students will work on specific tasks with their teacher to practice being proactive in their classrooms during their Great Start/End every day. These youtube links below are labeled unlisted. If the link is shared, then viewers may see the video. These videos cannot be searched through Google or Youtube to protect the confidentiality of those viewed.
Proactive students wk 1
Proactive students wk 2
Proactive students wk 3
Proactive students wk 4

Upcoming Events

Winter Program on Thursday, December 12th at 6:00pm

Senior Citizen Dinner on Wednesday, December 18th starting at 11:00am.