Egyptian News

Intro to Egypt

Egypt is a country about the size of Texas. Most of Egypt is hot and dry. The main river of Egypt is the Nile. The Nile supplies 85% of Egypts water. The Aswan high dam gives people control over theNile floodwaters. It also provides Egypt with hydro electric power.Egypts economy is slowly developing. Although 2% of it's land is used for farming 29% of it's people work in Agricultural ways.

Egypt Now


Silt is small particles of rich soil. Silt is most commonly found by river beds. Silt is found there because when the river overflowes it turn the dirt and tha then creates silt.


Fellahin is farmers in Egypt that live in villages and rent land from a land owner. These places are common by the main rivers in Egypt. The people get together then share the chores and they split the money.
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Aswan High Dam

Egypts main dam was the Aswan high dam. The positives to this dam were it stored water for months before it was needed, and it allowed the people of Egypt to have control over the Nile floodwaters. Th negative was it would not let freshwater into the delta.
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Crops of Egypt

The main crops of Egypt are sugarcane, grain, vegetables, fruits, and cotton. They use the money that is to pay the landowners and then what is left they divid it between all the people that help plant and harvest the crops. Most of the people that farm in Egypt are poor and don't have a lot of money.
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Climate and Landscape of Egypt

The climate of Egypt is desserts and hot but there's is some fertile land in some places. In those places is were the Fellins usually are. They are there so the people have good fertile land for farming. The landscape is desserts and has a lot of pyramids in some places.
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