Poetry Slam

Connection- Parts of my life to parts of Blake's

Picture supposed to portray the emotional pain of mine and Blake's trauma ↓

Written Portion

As he soars through the air

I do as well.

With destinations so different,

No one could tell

That the effects of our trauma mostly the same.

Shivering cold nights because of a dream,

A dream that woke the worst of memories.

During the day,

it haunts you as well.

You block it out until you hit your breaking point,

And then you let it out and


It consumes you.

And you defeat it from within.

Then there is everyday life.

And it hits you.

You're the responsible one.

Their reason your friends haven't been hurt in their fun.

You feel it is your duty to take their care.

We are the knights, without a real sword,

for our sword is the sword of care

It is Blake to Quinn and all his friends,

As it is me to my sister and my friends.

We are both cautious men,

To the utmost mark.

Taking a risk is last resort.

Never actually touching a line

That pulls you to the dark side.

Devdeep Rajpal

Audio Recording on a Rainy Saturday afternoon by Devdeep Rajpal