Gothic / Medieval Art

Main Ideas

Dates: Gothic - 1100 - 1500

Medieval - 1066 - 1485

Gothic art was mostly centered around building, and it first appeared in architecture.

During the Medieval period, art was restricted to be religious based (Christian based), using illuminated manuscripts, mosaics and fresco paintings in churches.

Gothic architecture was similar in many ways to the earlier style of art, Romanesque.

In Medieval art there were no portrait paintings.

Main People/Locations


Master Honroe

Duccio di Buaninsegna



Throughout Europe




Lorenzo Ghiberti

Gothic Art Facts

  1. Many paintings and sculptures were religious based, due to the domination of the Roman Catholic Church.
  2. Many artists were telling stories about what was going on around them in their paintings, such as using a representation of death while the black plague was spreading.
  3. Many Gothic Structures contain traits from Roman and Greek architecture.

Medieval Art Facts

  1. Nuns created illuminated manuscripts for the church.
  2. Animals represented majesty and humor and they were seen in the Bible and gospel books, they enlivened the sacred text.
  3. Carved stone was used for theological ideas, Biblical tales and whimsical creatures.

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