Tiger Update

Changes and Updates

A few things...

With the exception of attending a sporting event, the Tigers are finished with their requirements!

I have 1 more elective planned out - it is Rolling Tigers (learning about Bike Safety), with a visit to FFST on 5/5 at 3:45pm. Please let me know if you can attend and I will send further information

If you are going to the Campout, your Scout will need to make a recycled castle to bring to either the Pack Meeting on 4/5 or the Campout on 4/16

Games Info (to complete adventure)

1. You can attend the basketball game for Caleb and Colton at 3pm 4/2 - Fieldhouse Court 7 (or Thursday evening for practice)

2. You can attend the soccer game for Brennan, Nathan and Nik at 2:15 4/2 - Bacchus 14A

3 If your Scout plays a sport/has a sibling that does, they may ask their coach.

Whichever you choose, please let me know. I also will need to let the Coaches know for option 1 and 2.