Minimum Wage to a Living Wage

Raise the minimum wage to help Americans get above povery

The Poverty Line

Many Americans are working full time for their families, and are still making below the poverty line. If a mother cannot support her children working full time, how will she and her family stay afloat? The answer is that she and her family will not stay afloat, and then will suffer in poverty

How Minimum Wage Violates Catholic Social Teaching

Minimum Wage most clearly violates the rights of Dignity of Work and the rights of Workers.

Minimum wage most clearly violates workers rights because minimum wage deals with the workers. Workers deserve a fair wage, which they are clearly being denied if they fall below the poverty line.

This also goes against the preferential option of the poor. Paying workers a fair wage gives them a chance to escape devastating poverty. We are responsible to help the poor by paying them fairly.

How You Can Help

In order to solve this injustice, we need help. You can help us by contacting your local Senator or Representative to promote raising the minimum wage. You could also help by supporting businesses who pay their employees a fair and living wage.