Black land Prairie

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The topography of this region is mostly rolling hills and level land. There are some forest but they are near waterways and drain-ages. Its Elevation ranges around 300 and 800 feet above sea level.

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History of this area

Early settlers liked this area because the soils were very rich, and the topography was nice and not rough.

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Why visit Black Land prairie?

Why is it called Black Land Prairies?

It is called black land prairies because the land holds a lot of dark colored alkaline

which lots of people call "black Gumbo"

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The Black Land Prairie area is mostly has clay in it so if any weathering is going on its mostly in the area where rocks area. This area is really rich in minerals and nutrients, and the land is really flat so lots of erosion goes on. The deposition is amazing! The fertile gets deposited in areas give them good dirt so people can farm there easier. Water is the main contributor to weathering since water breaks clay which what this area is made mostly up of. Also a cause ( a weird one ) is animal burrowing in to the ground!

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