Girl Scout Troop 363

Meetings every Wednesday @ Hilltop Methodist Church 6-7 PM

Save the Date: May 14th Family Camping @ Granite Flat Campground

Whole Troop News

  • Next Meeting: March 30th - See below for what each group is working on.
  • Upcoming events:
  1. April 16th - Saturday trip to Clark Planetarium
  2. April 20th - Meeting at Ronald McDonald House to deliver our donated cookies!
  3. May 7th - Saturday Sing-Along in Draper
  4. May 14th - Family Camping
  • If you haven't filled out the Intent to Return survey below, please take a minute to do that this week. Thank you!

Daisy Doings

We need parent help with our sewing project this week!

2015- 2016 Daisy Schedule

April, 6, 2016 Start Sewing Project (Apron)—Girls Must Attend these two weeks to participate or parent will have to arrange to do the part girl missed on their own.

April 13, 2016 Complete Sewing Project (Apron)

WHOLE GROUP: TRIP TO PLANETARIUM via Train Scheduled for Saturday afternoon April 16, 2016.

April 20, 2016 Ronald McDonald House Visit

April 27, 2016

May 4, 2016 Mother’s Day Gift

May 11, 2016 Plant Flowers at the Church (Scouts starts at 5 p.m. this day)

WHOLE GROUP: FAMILY CAMP OUT May 14 (each family camps on own)

May 18, 2016 OPEN

May 25, 2016 OPEN

June 1, 2016 Last Day of scouts for the school year

June 4, 2016 Seven Peaks Water Park Celebration for Girls who Sell Enough Cookies

Brownie Bustles

The Brownie's had such a fun night! We did some rock painting! Each girl got 2 rocks, on one they had to write an encouraging word, on the other they did whatever they wanted. After we got them done, we put them all on a plate and I asked them to close their eyes and "pick a rock"! They didn't know who's rock they got or what it said! It was fun to see their reactions!

We are going to be doing a Brownie Boot Camp next week! So please make sure your girls wear some good running shoes and athletic/work out clothes!

Junior Journeys

The Juniors learned about making secret coded messages - ask them to show you how they did it! You could also ask if they can think of another way to make a code. They also worked on solving a few "mysteries." If they enjoyed those, have them check out the Encyclopedia Brown series or the 5 Minute Mysteries series.

This week we will start working on our camping bucket seats! If your scout has some fun duct tape or other things they want to decorate their bucket with, have them bring it this week!

One Girl Scout can make a difference, but together we can ROCK the world!

Upcoming Activities

To find activities throughout Utah, click here:

Troop 363

  • If your scout misses a meeting, read this newsletter to find out what she can do to make up the activities at home and still earn her badges!
  • If you have any favorite songs or games you would like to share with our girls, just let us know and we would be happy to have you lead it!