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Dancing to the music

Music is everywhere. While I was driving, listening to music; TV music lyrics is something that can not miss in movies or commercials; sing in the shower, singing in church, roaring songs that remind them of situations; go to the concert, whether classical or rock; any event or mood, having fun or singing; We ring our favorite song; Learn to play different instruments; whatever we do, always give music. Music can not deprive human life. Music influences us. What is music? Anyone knows what music is. Hear the rhythm, hear the melody, lyrics and hear you say music.

Music dating from the Middle Paleolithic and consists of shots between stones, wood or other common objects. Were designed and hymns of glorification, of screaming and dancing. Today, these forms of are click here seen somewhat skeptical because they were limited to poor sound and gratitude for the gods. Neolithic music sung in pagan temples and secular by nurse children. Although no written evidence found many skins and later scrolls music lyrics drawn with prehistoric tools. Gradually, this music has grown reaching less famous and ancient music known today.

Music influences our Definitely affects music. I do not know what is the link between music and us. Even if it's a picture can pop songs scarcely be said but what impresses us, music remains a difficult problem. At one point there was a vague suggestion very vague that music is closely related to how music lyrics the brain works, and some mind rhythms are associated with certain ways of thinking, thus impairing our state. Size mufti perspective theme History music Influence of music Directions approach History Music: from antiquity to the present day Influence of music: how music affects your health? How music influences teenagers life? How music affects babies? Music: Every zodiac sign has special characteristics that fail to build or supplement a person's character. Zodiac sign is the one that influences our aesthetic sense and automatically style music.

Music: how can different styles of music to read more influence the way we behave and choose our group of friends. Model trans disciplinary approach History music The origins of musical art must be sought in the distant history of mankind. As sound art can be considered only when the sounds are consciously organized, reflecting a certain degree of development in primitive human spirituality.

The man becomes a creator of art when they get to master thinking and articulate speech. The first practices are related to the nature of artistic work collectively when there are orders fast, shouting or calling, or encouragement, etc., Then the evolved forms of magic, ritual incantations, the item melodicrhythmic dance and is joined word, forming a syncretic art, which took place over a long period. The music began to evolve from the moment when it appeared and still evolving every day.

Influence of music How music affects our health? Music, considered one of the divine gifts, occupies an important place in human life, nay, as demonstrated in recent years musical vibrations affect plant and animal life. We all music lyrics know that music we produce a positive emotional state, calms us, while sounds we produce discomfort, we get tired.

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