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dgzhengsai manufactures earphones and headphones

dgzhengsai manufactures earphones and headphones

Dongguan zhengsai Electronics Co.,Ltd is a chenese earphone and headphone manufacturing company located in Shipai Town, Dongguan City, it is about 60KM away from Shenzhen and about 80KM away from Guangzhou. We are very close to Highway, and High-Speed railway station which is Dongguan Station, it is about 30 Minutes to Shenzhen or Guangzhou by train. Very convenient transportation! Dongguan Zhengsai Electronics Co.,Ltd professionally producing all kinds of Metal earphones and Headphones of good sound quality.Our microphones compatible with Ipod, Iphone,Mp3 players, Laptops and Music enabled Mobile phones of different companies such as Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Apple, LG and so on.

Dongguan Zhengsai's metal and plastic earphone and headphone use special designed driver (mylar speaker)for the earphone and headphones, the driver has special physical design, magnet and film that allows the mylar speaker emits very clear, wide range and soft sound, in order to reach this sound effect, our experienced engineers has tried many time to compare the driver with other from in the market but nothing like it, in the range of special quality sound performance and long lasting. It manufactures earphones and headphones comes with various different material for cables, like as:- PET, PVC, Fabric, Silver coating, Golden coating, Metal coating, Metal Chains, Zipper cable with different shapes of earphone and headphone cables :-such as Round cable, Flat Cable, Two layer cable, shielded cable, Flat cable with silkscreen, Flashing cable. We also provides for both the earphones and headphones in different metallic surface that very comfortable to use on head or ear of different color that elegant. Some of other metallic earphones creates noisy sound when increase the volume, unable to control the high frequency of the sound reaches more than 3000Hz, and mostly 5000Hz to 8000Hz.Due to the less of high frequency the sound is too slow to be heard and cause of boring. But our metal or non-metal earphones and headphones use various quality o magnets, films and different metallic physical structure to avoid these problems.

The earphones are designed for in-ear comfort and full grip, our earphones come with three sets of eartips included for more individual accurate fit and the headphone is also very soft to feel with external noise reduction. Thus it can be used for long time perceiving the joy.

To find out more about us and our earphone online store, please visit www. dgzhengsai.com.

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