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We are the Pre-School Committee for Save Kids Castle. We're a group of volunteers dedicated to ensuring that the castle remains part of our park for the youngest members of our community to enjoy throughout their childhood.

We will be using this Smore throughout the coming months as a way to keep the Pre-School community up to date with the Friends of Kids Castle events. Please visit us often to see what events are coming!

By now, I'm sure you've heard that Kids Castle in Central Park is closed for repairs. Inspections conducted in 2012 revealed that a number of the structures surrounding the castle (i.e. the barnyard, the pirate ship, etc) were deteriorating and needed to be replaced. The great news is that it was determined that the castle structure itself is safe and sound. Some of the interior parts of the castle like the flooring and windows need to be replaced, and this is the goal of Phase I of our project!

So far, the equipment surrounding the castle has been removed (check out the video below!) and the castle itself has been pressure washed and stained. Soon, the flooring and netting in the interior of the castle will be replaced. And, two new twisty slides are being installed! We hope to re-open the castle by the end of the summer, but we still need more funding to make sure we can finish the repairs!

Phases 2 and 3 of the project will include new play equipment surrounding and attached to the castle, and eventually new bathrooms near the castle! (Getting to Phase 3 is especially important to the Pre-School community!!)

New composite Decking installed in part of the castle. We're on the way to a great Grand-Opening Party!!!

Video of Zaveta Group taking down Castle Play Structures

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Pre-School Design Days

The second phase of the castle renovation plans include significant changes to the areas directly surrounding the castle. The playground equipment will be changed out with new types of equipment and age-group appropriate play areas will be created. We have developed a forum, called "Design Days", in which our goal is to get the children's ideas of what they would like to play with at the castle and we will take their ideas and opinions into account during the final design process. If you would like your organization to be involved and hold a Design Day for your children, please contact us. Our Design Team will come into your facility and tell the children about what is happening to the castle and will work with them to get some ideas of how they want to play at the castle.

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