Mechanical Engineering

By Timothy .T. Ogunlowo

Field Description

Mechanical engineers design, test and build mechanical devices such as machines and engines. I am interested in pursuing a career in this field because it has to do with a lot of hands on practices and calculations. You also get to design and build several machines that could help improve lives or make advances in technology.

A Day in the life of a Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineers generally work in professional office settings. They sometimes visit work-sites to troubleshoot problems. Most Mechanical engineers work in engineering services, research and development, manufacturing industries and for the federal government.


Median Salary(2012): $80,580 per year $38.74 per hour.

Starting Salary: $66,158


A Bachelor's degree is required for you to become a mechanical engineer. Top Universities to further in mechanical engineering include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech and Stevens Institutes of Technology NJ.


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