Hilary McKay

Main Characters

-Indigo(a comical 13 year old boy)

-Caddy(Indigo's controlling 16 year old sister)

-Rose(Indigo's adopted caring 8 year old sister)

-Saffron(Indigo's adopted enjoyable 8 year old sister)

-Bill(Indigo's slothful father)

-Eve(Caddy's mellow friend)


-Indigo's home(chipper place where Indigo lives)

-Indigo's school(a complete school where Indigo goes to learn)

-airport(a clean-cut place with planes)

-airplane(a boisterous place where indigo will travel)

Three significant quotes from the book

For the first time Indigo Cason has been properly ill.

This was not because they did not care about him but just that there was nothing new to say.

Toward the end, Indigo's journey had become rather an unpleasant trip.


His problem is that he had the worst trip of his life.(internal)

Plot Summary

First, Indigo Cason