'Intheloop' 8/4

Jermaine Kamau, Principal @Lumberton Campus

Lesson Planning for VQ & Capital Academy Programs

Instead of using the online program for lesson plans submission, simply email me a brief narrative of your planned activities and assessments. For example:

Students will be reading segments of "To Kill A Mockingbird" and discussing the different perspectives of Atticus Finch and the lynch mob about the trial of Tom Robinson. The students will then create two characters with opposing viewpoints. The final writing task (assessment) will require students to write a poem for each character in which the student shows the opposing views of the two characters they have created. This activity focuses on perspective and word choice.


As you know there will be a new system used for student information management. As of September we will be using Genesis. Familiarize yourself with the Genesis platform so you will be prepared come september.