A Trick of The Light

By Lois Metzger

A Trick of The Light


This take place in Belle Heights. He is Sophomore attend Belle Heights high school. Mike is going through a tough time, when his family slow fall apart, and He left alone. At school when jealous destroy his personality.


Mike- A boy who want a ideal body, so he can please himself

Tamio- Mike best friend

Amber- She trying to make Mike lose weight


Mike is just a regular boy, until he start to listen to amber. Amber full mike head, with what is good for your body. Mike start to lose, and will he was losing weight he was exercise to lose more weight. All Mike want was to feel good, and look good, just like his friend Tamio. Mike has anorexia, due to amber nutrition facts. Mike is struggling between Tamio, and Amber, both of them want to help him, but his greatest this is his mind.


Mike has gain weight over the summer, and he has been eating a lot of unhealthy food, which cause to gain a lot of weight, and this could related back to nutritional value. He was eat unhealthy amount of food, and his activity did not match the output.

Amber is one of Mike friend, and amber knows all about what type of food is good for him, amber is help mike learn all about the nutrition, and what is good , and bad for you. This could relate back to nutritional facts in the digestive system.

Mike has gain weight of the summer, and now mike is trying to lose the weight by exercising. He start running around the park, and after in his room he doing push up, crushes, and curl ups. This could relate back to the muscle system

Mike has been eat, and exercise, and have be losing a bit too much weight, and know mike is cold, and is blood pressure is low, do to the insufficient amount of nutrition to the body. This relate back to the nutritional value, and due to the lack of nutrition in the blood to stop the bleeding.

Mike has anorexia or eating disorder, due to amber nutritional ways, and this is relate back to the digestive system. Anorexia play a major role on how make change from being a nice boy, to boy is does not care about anyone but himself.

Personal Opinion

This was a great book, showing how opinion, stress, and jealous could can someone life around. This book show a life of a anorexia person, and they goal to lose weight on how they feel being skinny. This book had a great story, and made you keep reading the book to the end.

By Jekshua Rincon