Swahili Coast

By: Daniela Villarreal

Swahili Coast

The Swahili Coast is next to The Indian Ocean so their main industry is fishing. Most of The Swahili people are Muslims. Arabs, Indians, and the Portuguese came to the Swahili Coast looking for goods and slaves.

Animals in The Swahili Coast

  • Golden Rumped Elephant Shrew
  • Ader's Duiker
  • Bush Baby
  • Octopi
  • Fishes



Some landforms are coral reefs which are found in the Ocean. Cliffs and many islands scattered around the coast. Streams and rivers that lead into the ocean where many civilizations are.

People around the coast

Swahili women wear bright colored robes. They use African and Indian spices or foods. They also brought bananas and other things. Most marriages are arranged and men can have up to 4 wives. Kiswahilli is their main language.
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Fun Facts

  • Hello in Swahili is "Jambo"
  • Swahili people are mostly Muslim
  • Have many major holidays
  • Have many reanactments explaining their gods lifes.
  • They get their social skills from the middle eastern Muslims
  • Swahili means "coast"
  • Their art is inspired by Asia
  • Depend on trade for survival
  • cant eat pork
  • cant drink alcohol