American Revolution

Jadyn Bozarth

Roles of Women

  • Not many nurses in the beginning of war.
  • Most common roles were cooks, maids, laundresses, water bearers and seamstresses for the army.
  • Women were not aloud to join army at the time but there were secret soldiers.

France and its Role

  • France fought alongside the United States
  • French money, munitions, soldiers and naval forces proved essential to America's victory over the Crown.
  • Goal was to weaken Britain.
  • Get revenge on Britian for Seven Years War.
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Effects of the Revolution

  • Treaty of Paris is signed and ends war.
  • Colonies get independence from Great Britian.
  • Could now form their own government and laws.

Clothing from the Revolution

  • The Patriots had little to no uniform.
  • Mens clothing was extremely form fitted.
  • If men wore a shirt without a waistcoat they were considered "naked"
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Intolerable Acts

  • Took place after the Boston Tea Party.
  • Passed by the British Parliament.
  • A series of punitive laws.
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