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acknowledgement of country and prayer

Acknowledgement of Country

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As we gather today on Wadjuk Noongar country, we honour and pay our respects to elders past and present.

May the sacred land be always etched into our hearts and our history.

May we all strive to listen and learn from each other as we walk together in a spirit of faith and reconciliation.

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In this year of Mercy we pray...

Give us willing feet and gentle hands.

Bless us with listening ears

and searching eyes.

Endow us with understanding minds.

Ordain us with compassionate hearts.

In our acts and in our words

Make us vessels of your mercy

To reach out to the broken

On behalf of the Father

Who wipes away our debts,

As lovingly as he wipes away our tears

And calls his children home.

Help us lift your people in body and spirit.

And so make every year a year of mercy.


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