DC Students learns "Peer Pressure"

☆Students get taught from the bestselling novel "Stargirl"☆

Discovery College students finds out what peer pressure is from the novel "Stargirl"

In Year 8, Discovery College students had to read a novel called "Stargirl”, which tells the readers about peer pressure and conformity. In the book, Stargirl is a victim of peer pressure in her school, and is shunned down, just because she is different from others. When students read this book, they learned about how peer pressure and bullying affects others, making them feel lonely and disappointed. Peer pressure is when a group of students ignore their peers, just because they want their peers to conform with them. Looking at It is free to do what you want, and there is no need to conform. Everyone is different and special in their own way, and they should be proud of themselves for it. Students should all be accepting, and not try to make their peers conform with them.

Make small movements at Discovery College

When students see other peers getting peer pressured, try to encourage them that they are great just the way they are, and encourage them. If everyone tries to make small changes by encouraging others and stop gossips of other peers, all students could have a better environment in schools. If we all stop peer pressure, every student could be free of what they want to be like, and be comfortable. In Discovery College, everyone could try to make a small movement, and eventually stop bullying and peer pressure around the school.