Acquiring Resources: The Flyer

Getting Rekt 4 Resources


Surface and sub-surface mining goes like this: Surface mining is a style of mining where the earth and rock surrounding the mineral deposits are taken away. Subsurface mining is the drawing of minerals and ores from the ground. Looking at the two definitions, it is easy to tell that the difference between surface mining and subsurface mining is that surface mining is when there is extraction of earth and rock around a mineral deposit while subsurface mining is when there is mining underneath the surface layer of ground.

What Do We Mine?

Well, it's not just mining either. The matter is that the process really consists of three different kinds of surface mining; mining, fracking and drilling; and the average subsurface mining.

Subsurface Mining

We mine gold, iron, uranium, etc. in the surface. Subsurface mining can cause erosion, formation of sinkholes, loss of biodiversity, and contamination of soil, groundwater and surface water by chemicals from mining processes.

Land Drilling vs. Ocean Drilling

One MAJOR difference between land drilling and ocean drilling is that while land drilling takes place on/in land, ocean drilling takes place in the ocean. They both can cause sinkholes to form and erosion. Most of their other environmental affects differ due to the completely different ecosystems. Ocean drilling, however, will pollute the water heavily due to substances that are released from the area being drilled.

The "MAGIC" of Fracking!

A process where rocks are broken up by a pressurized liquid. The process starts with the liquid known as "fracking fluid" being injected into a borehole to create cracks in rocks so elements like natural gas, petroleum and brine can flow out more easily.