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Curriculum and Online Safety Support: Summer Term

Courses - Summer Term 2021

Please follow the link to view details of sessions running during summer term. Currently, we plan to run these remotely, please contact us to reserve a place and we'll send you and your team a link to join the session from school or from home.

Highlights include:

  • New online safety training for staff and governors.
  • Funded, full day, sessions exploring the Computing Curriculum.
  • A new Barefoot workshop exploring repetition, sequence and selection using Scratch 3.0.

Updates the the School360 EYFS Learning Journal - EYFS Reforms

The School360 Learning Journal is being updated in readiness for the EYFS reforms taking place this year.

  • Simplified and flexible approach to recording observations

  • Choose to tag observations with ELG, COEL or an area of learning if required or just record a simple image and note to share with parents.

  • Create a bank of observations that can be filtered and searched at a later date when making assessment decisions at key milestones.

  • The app has been designed to work hand in hand with the School Readiness Passport.

Follow the link on the flier below to join us on the 16th of June for a tour of the new teacher app.

Online Safety: Parentzone

If your parents already use Instagram, then the Parentzone Instagram page might be a great source of information and advice given out in small, manageable chunks. On the 1st April their #LegendsFamilyEaster kicks off with over a week's worth of fun challenges and activities.

Families might also enjoy the legends family adventure animated series which can be found by following the link below.

Finally, if you are VERY quick, today is the last day to order your parent kits which include 3D legends trophies for families to build as they complete an online safety quiz together at home!

Coronavirus: Transitioning back to school

Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions are gradually being lifted across the UK, beginning with schools welcoming back children who they might not have seen face-to-face since before Christmas.

Pupils have spent far more time online than they usually would and have therefore been more likely to encounter risk.

You may find this NSPCC podcast episode a good place to start as we consider how our pupils may have been affected over recent months.

School360 Design Challenge 2021

The theme for this year's design challenge is 'Time Travel!' We'd like you to challenge your pupils to travel through time and create a design based on their favourite historical era or even focussed on a particular historical figure such as Shakespeare, Ada Lovelace or Boudicca!

You'll find everything you need to get started by following the link below, Including an intro video to share with your class.

Updates to the NCCE Computing Curriculum Units

For those of you using the computing scheme of work developed by the National Centre for Computing, the following units have now been updated.

  • Year 2 - Digital photography
  • Year 2 - Pictograms
  • Year 3 - Stop Frame Animation
  • Year 4 - Modelling Data

These updates can be accessed via the overview document linked below. You can also attend an introductory session exploring these units of work, please see the course guide for summer term dates.

Are you planning to purchase new devices for the next academic year?

If you are planning to purchase iPads or ChromeBooks for the new academic year, please contact us first. We will work with you to arrange licensing for these devices and support with their setup and ongoing management. We use Lightspeed mobile device manager and the School360 Google admin console to deploy apps and manage restrictions centrally.

We're also able to offer a range of training packages to ensure your team are confident when using these new devices in the classroom.

Happy News Competition Open until May 30th

Our newspaper competition will remain open until May 30th. We're challenging pupils across Northumberland to create their own newspaper articles full of happy news stories. You can find all the details HERE and examples of the Happy News Paper and the submission form in School360, Resources, Pupil Challenges. Thank you to pupils at Felton Primary School for sharing some of their stories which you can see below.