News Investigations

By; Raynee Kraklio

"Government debt threatens to send U.S. economy into death spiral"

Rising federal debt is threatening to collapse the economic growth. To much debt would cause the government to take money out of government programs like what you take money out of when you retire. This means that the government would have to borrow even more money from other places making them even more in debt. This would relate to economic debt because thats basically what this article was about. the economy being in debt.


Arrested development

In Chinas industrial cities the rate of development is growing. the more work that is there the more they get paid and the more people flow in. Those cities are growing. China might be the last economy to be able to achieve this at this high of a rate. It is very unlikely that this will happen any time soon because currently theres no place that populated and eager to grow. This would relate to Emerging economy. This is because Chinas economy is emerging and growing.


Teens and Technology

People in general are using there phones more and more for everything. They say one in 4 people do this. This is good for the sake of phone companies but not for the people who sell things like computers and I-pods. over 70% of the teen population has a phone and about half of that has smart phones. All this means that over all we are using way more technology than we used to. this ties into demand. The more we use phones or technology the bigger the supply needed to support that has to be. The demand will be growing even more as America becomes a primarily technology based place.


"Government Regulations: Do They Help Businesses?"

Many businesses complain about the regulations the government makes. But even tho there are some that are good most are bad. But without regulations businesses would be allowed to do basically whatever they want. This has to deal with goods/services because businesses are what sells you things.


France launches fierce assault on ISIS targets in Syria

After isis bombed France, France is starting to bomb Syria. where isis is thought to originated from. this started taking place late Sunday afternoon with the help of the U.S. they dropped 20 bombs and hit three main building that are said to belong to isis. the U.S. has been going to Syria over the last couple of months.