Who Will You Be This Easter?

What can you do with forty days?

That’s 57,600 minutes.

With that kind of time, you could binge watch 2,618 sitcom episodes (without commercials). Or you could read 192 books (assuming three hundred pages per book at one page per minute).

You could write a book. Or drive across America, coast-to-coast (2,700 miles at an average speed of sixty miles per hour) . . . twenty-one times.

Obviously, these figures are inflated because they assume you aren’t sleeping, but you get the point. You can accomplish a lot when you’ve got forty days and a dream.

This Lent, we encourage you to ask yourself two important questions:

  1. What can I do with forty days?
  2. Who can I become in forty days with God’s help?

When you wake up on Easter Sunday, will you be a different person than you are right now? Will you be closer to or further away from the-best-version-of-yourself—or about the same?

Don't just give up chocolate for Lent. Discover what you can do in forty days.

(excerpted from Matthew Kelly)


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Give it up . . . Pay it forward.

If you are giving up your Starbuck's stop, Taco Bell run or your Super-Size Soda, please consider tossing those 'saved dollars and cents' in a jar and donating the cash to Aquin's High School Campus Change War. The competition begins April 1. Donations may be given to an Aquin Jr-Sr High student or dropped off at the HS Campus office during school hours. Change Wars end on Wednesday, April 17 at 2:00.

All proceeds will go to 'Hope for Haitians' to buy livestock and build homes.

You're Invited to St. Thomas Aquinas

To help you with your Lenten journey, we invite you to join us for any of the following events at St. Thomas to help guide you on your journey. Whichever fits into your schedule. Or your life. Wherever you are.

Everyone is welcome.

Mondays at 8:00pm . Lenten Holy Hour in the Chapel

Tuesdays at 7:00pm . Forming Intentional Disciples

Wednesdays at 7:00pm . Taizé

Fridays at 8:30am . Stations of the Cross in the Chapel

Fridays at 5:30pm . Stations and Soup

Details Coming Soon . . . Lectio Divina

Father Ken will be hosting ‘Lectio Divina’ sessions at St. Thomas Aquinas during Lent to introduce this prayer practice to youth, but all are welcome. Please contact the St. Thomas Office at sta@stthomasaquinas.org or call 815-232-3225 for more information.

What is Taizé?

We invite you to share your Lenten faith journey with us in this peaceful hour of reflection. Meditation is a key that can open many doors along the path to God. We tend to be so outer-focused that we lose track of the real path, which is the inner journey to a personal relationship with our Lord. Taizé is not a 'Catholic' service. It is an ecumenical service open to anyone on any stage of their faith journey.

In the silence of the heart God speaks.

If you face God in prayer and silence, God will speak to you.

- from ‘No Greater Love’ by Mother Teresa