Articulation Team Inaugural Meeting

Dec. 7, 2015 7:45-9:15 CHS Professional Library

First Meeting

I am excited for our first School Articulation Team Meeting ever. If you are being invited to this meeting you are a critical member of CHS leadership and your contributions to the meeting will be incredibly important. The idea for this meeting came primarily from a presentation by Dr. Lucille Eber. Her suggestion for all school work was that there was a complete need for working group teams but that there was also a need for a team that organized what those teams should do.

This immediately rang true for CHS because we have many working groups but we do not have a structured meeting where we talk about how those working groups are doing. Another influence on this work is our own Dr. Ronna Cadarette who noticed that she was attending many working group meetings where the same students were being named.

The original back of the envelope sketch of the idea for this meeting is shown below. You don't need to be able to read it to understand that it is a decision making group overseeing working groups.

Big image


Please be on time--we have a lot to do.

  • Introductions--10 minutes
  • Small Group Conversations about Academics and Student Issues--35 minutes
  • Whole Group Conversation about Small Next Steps and Big Next Steps